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A big THANK YOU to Warden Leroy Washington of Statesville Prison, for furnishing us with what may be Uncle Henthief's last photograph. Henthief was a highly influential, almost mythical figure on the Jamaican music scene during the 50’s and early 60’s, dominating the island's “Mango-Circuit” which encompassed a series of nightclubs, caves, grottos, and “Yard-Parties.” Along with his song-writing partner Junior Brixton the two fused Calypso with Irish folk music creating a unique style they called “Duppy-Dread.” This collaboration yielded almost certain chart-toppers like “Go Woman, Go Home”, “I Shot Everybody (But Mi Never Shot You)” and “Cheer Me Up." Unfortunately, for his past and future fans these recorded works now lie at the bottom of the Carribean Sea along with Port Royal, which in 1959 experienced a catastrophic earthquake. Recorded works are difficult to find, though some bootlegs and crude recordings are rumored to exist.

Junior Brixton was last seen on stage at Woodstock 1990 in Bethel NY.

Antoine was born in London, U.K. to Jamaican parents who relocated to the once rural Staten Island NY when he was 7 years old. As a teen he was drawn to music and taught himself to play Guitar by copying the masters; Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, et al. During the 1980's Antoine's NYC based Heavy Metal band "Chemical Nightmare" built a loyal following and to date he is still asked to pull together an epic reunion. Since then he has shared the stage with and recorded for many well known artists, and fronted several successful bands. Antoine was featured in the docu-series "Liquid Science" written and directed by Wu-Tang Clan's GZA, appeared in a D'Addario products commercial, and interviewed for Reality Cheq Magazine. He served as Music Editor for the Charity Philadelphia Front Page News Newspaper and Media Key 307 Magazine. Antoine has long ago abandoned the limelight and now lives on a small farm featured here:
"The Good Life" in the Catskill Mountains of NYS with his wife Debra,
and a shotgun.